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LIVE Balloon Twisters Make Events Fun!

LIVE balloon twisting is always a fun surprise! People of all ages love the colorful entertainment that balloon twisters provide at any celebration.  Our balloon artists creatively shape balloons into unique designs and characters such as animals, hats, flowers, and more at community events, festivals, fairs, school events, birthday parties and special events throughout East and Middle Tennessee. 


Strolling Balloon Twisters 

We're people who make balloon animals.  As strolling balloon artists we wander around any event, randomly engaging with the public.  We create buzz and excitement wherever we go with our brightly colored LIVE and entertainment balloon twisting!


Balloon Twisting is           Crowd Pleasing

People of all ages love balloons.  A balloon twister brings a joy nd passion for balloons out from even the deep down places where adults hide their inner child. These little bubbles of joy have a tendency to bring out the kid in you.


We Pack the House

October 2022: This is our actual line at an event in McDonald, Tennessee where we were hired by the event planners to provide face painting and balloons free for public enjoyment.  

Providing a kids zone with free fun for families is a sure fire way to increase attendance at any public event.  Consider hiring us for your festival, community or church celebration.

Balloon Twisting Gallery

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