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Evites: Another Party Planning Convenience

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Parties are moving full steam ahead in the online world. Parents who have already make use of the internet for many things are doing more and more of their party planning online. It’s no surprise that moms make up a large population of digital device and social media users. Most parents will say they spend many weekends escorting their children from one part or activity to another. So when it comes to party planning they're looking to hit the easy button with help from the internet and sending online invitations are among the services they consider.

Benefits of Online Party Invitations:

Spending Wisdom: Printed invitations cost more and are not as environmentally friendly. And there is nothing worse than to have to buy an additional pack of invitations just for one or two extra invites. Digital invitations are inexpensive and remove additional costs including postage stamps.

Did we mention that digital invitations are FREE when you hire us for your party entertainment?

Being Green: We'll say it again - we love animals! So we love that digital party invitations take the paper out of party planning. Its a simple carbon footprint reduction we all can feel good about. Paper invitations are usually printed on non-recyclable materials.

Customization: Yes. Most digital invitation services will customize the invitations for you. We cannot resist this opportunity to tell you that we customize our digital invitations for you too. And, yup, they'll still free with our entertainment packages.

Practice Choice: As more and more people digitize their lives, digital invitations help sync their offline lives to their online schedules. Speaking of Sync'ing, if you are worried about tracking guest replies there's no need to lay awake at night. With our children's party entertainment packages we offer optional digital invitation sending and tracking - free.

Did we mention that evites are FREE with all our children's party entertainment packages?

Here's some other sources for online party invitations:

Greetings Island

Beautiful invitations anyone can create. Download, print, or send online (with RSVP). So easy!

Green Envelope

Digital party invitations and RSVP tracking services.


Offers digital invitations in three easy steps.

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