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Experience Animals & Smiles

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Traditional businesses focus on products and services. Companies build up their products, advertise them, then make sales. But this is a strategy that no longer works. People do not want to just buy a product, they want to FEEL something!

More than a few people thought I was crazy when I decided to take my art and design education and transform it into face painting. Essentially, I turned children's faces into my canvas. I'm still making art, it's just that now I make art on paper AND faces.

You might wonder what face painting, balloon twisting and teaching kids about kindness towards animals have to do with one another. First of all, animal face painting designs, animal balloons and a love for animals all connect back to . . . ANIMALS. And animals are entertaining regardless of whether it's a real animal, balloon animal or a child with a painted face pretending to be an animal.

We're still all about animal stories. We're just using an "experience" to help deliver our message to more children. Want to learn more about why it's important for us to offer our customers an "experience" before we offer them a product? Learn more about consumer habits here:

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