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Some Surprising Birthday Party Dessert Ideas

We're all familiar with the traditional birthday cake. But what if your child doesn’t love cake as much as other desserts or maybe you just want to try something new? Let’s take a look at a few surprising and sweet treats you can whip up and serve to please your birthday boy or girl, their friends, and your guests!

Donut Tower

One easy birthday dessert solution is a donut tower. Busy parents can rely on their donut shop to have dozens of flavors at a reasonable price. Simply grab a tiered centerpiece, place the donuts, and voila! You have yourself a delicious donut tower. Icing covered donuts with sprinkles always please guests, and they look festive too. A donut tower also makes for a great photo-op to share on social media or your scrapbook.

S’mores Table

If you are looking for a fun activity style dessert, a s’mores table is a great idea. Consider the age of your guests with this one as little ones may not be so careful with fire. All you need is a small heater and skewers for roasting the marshmallows. Then lay out all the goodies you want for the kids to try. You can add some frosting and sprinkles to the mix, for a birthday twist.

Rice Crispy Treats

One of the easiest desserts you and the family can make are rice crispy treats. Not only are they gooey and delicious, but they are made with simple ingredients and often a great choice if their may be food allergies to consider. You can easily shape this crispy dessert into fun animal characters or even letters to spell out your kiddo’s name, a great way to personalize the dessert just as you would on a birthday cake.

Twisted Treat Cups

We simply cannot pass up this opportunity to mention our twisted treat cups. They cave time, money and cleanup! They double as birthday dessert AND party favors - no paper plates needed! We can fill them with candy for you, or you can fill them with homemade goodies. The larger cups are so cute filled with cotton candy for a circus or carnival themed party too. Kids love the twisted balloon toppers on the cups. Available in 16 and 24 ounce sizes. AND we create literally dozens of adorable designs that go on the cups so we can create something special for just about any party theme.

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